Pallet Racking Inspection

Pallet Racking Inspection by Competent Person or SEMA registered inspector

Inspection Procedure
The pallet Racking inspection will be carried out by a Competent inspector using SEMA codes of practice including acceptance levels for evaluating and characterising racking damage, a report will be issued on completion of the inspection with recommendations for remedial action.
(some insurance companies insist on Inspection being carried out by a SEMA registered inspector we can also arrange this)

As part of the inspection the racking will be assessed to determine its safe working load capacities. To inspect and to report on the condition of the pallet racking, in accordance with the following Code of Practice SEMA Guideline No 6 “Guide to conduct of racking and shelving surveys”. The method of inspection followed will be that as indicated in the above mentioned Code of Practice, with particular attention being paid to the inspection of beams, uprights, frame bracing, floor fixings and lock in clips. The inspection will be carried out from floor level following the route agreed with the site contact. The inspection will be based on a damage survey only. All damage noted will be categorized using Red, Amber and Green classifications.

These are items which are severely damaged well beyond the limitations of the SEMA Code. In such circumstances, the racking should be immediately Off-Loaded and isolated from future use until repair work is carried out.

These items are damaged beyond the limitations of the SEMA Code, but not sufficiently serious to warrant immediate Off-Load of the rack. The rack should be Off-Loaded as soon as possible but normally within 4 weeks, and should not be re-used until repair work is carried out.

These are items which are damaged but are within the limitations of the SEMA Code. Once we have carried out the racking inspection we will email an inspection report which will detail any remedial action (if any) in required.

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Pallet Racking Inspection